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Ghee in Autumn

Ghee is clarified butter from cowmilk that has been gently cooked, and the milk solids removed. In Ayurveda, it plays an important role in therapies. Using it as medicine always requires consultations with an Ayurvedic doctor.

In Autumn, Vata dosha can easily increase. The qualities are dry, light, cold, windy, moving and rough. That’s why we should focus on diets and lifestyle that bring Vata in balance. We can achieve this by nourishing our body with warm, oily (use healthy fats!) and heavy food.

You can use ghee in your main meals or mix it in your oatmeal or warm drinks (for example golden milk). Furthermore, you can use it to massage your body to sooth your skin. It will also help to moisturize dry hair.

Some other benefits of ghee:

- High burning point & essential ingredient in many Indian cooking recipes

- Eating food cooked with ghee will improve Agni (digestive fire)

- Ghee nourishes Ojas (immunity) and Tejas (metabolic fire)

- Ghee improves the activity of the brain, such as memory functions

- Ghee increases lubrication of the tissues and makes the body more flexible

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