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Fruits for Summer

Ayurveda & Summer 🌞🍓🥥🍉

Since some days, summer temperatures have arrived in Luxembourg. If you like Summer, the hot weather probably brings your body and mind in harmony and you enjoy spending many hours in the sun. However, people who cannot tolerate heat, will feel too warm, sweaty, tired and exhausted.

In Ayurveda, Summer is the Pitta season. It is bright, sharp and warm. In order to keep body and mind in balance, we need cooling, calming and soothing remedies. Pitta should not be aggravated, especially in people with a Pitta predominance. Make sure you follow a Pitta-balancing diet and lifestyle during this warm season. Focus on refreshing drinks and meals. In the morning, rub coconut oil on your body before taking shower. Wear loose-fitting clothes, a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the rays of the sun. Don‘t stay too long outside during midday. Yet, you can enjoy a gentle walk in the cool evening hours. Before you sleep, put some refreshing coconut oil on the soles of your feet. In Summer, even short naps during daytime are allowed 😉

Have a look at our selection of fruits you can enjoy if you want to keep yourself in balance and have a joyful and healthy Summer season 😊

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