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Yoga Asanas for Spring

In Spring, the temperatures slowly increase and the accumulated heavy, oily and wet Kapha dosha of the Winter season begins to melt. That’s why many people suffer from colds, allergies and hay fever. Therefore we should focus on a Kapha balancing diet and lifestyle.

What about appropriate Yoga asanas during Spring? As already mentioned before, our lifestyle habits and hence, also our Yoga practice should include Kapha reducing asanas. Since Kapha is slow, sluggish, heavy, grounded and stable, you should aim for a powerful, energizing and activating Yoga sequence.

The practice can be characterized by: 1. flows, that heat your body up and make you sweat 2. twists that promote your physical and mental flexibility and stimulate your digestive fire (Agni) 3. back bends that open your chest and remove excess mucus in your body 4. standing poses that heat you up, strengthen your muscles, your endurance and mental focus

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