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Vegetarian Diet and Ayurveda

Vegetarian diet is considered conductive for mental clarity, tranquility and positive status of mind.Its mentioned vedas as a part of Satvic lifestyle.Its considered to be best for people who don’t want t harm animals and this ahimsa ( not harming ) is essential for spiritual enlightenment.

Ayurveda has many more reason why it support Vegetarian diet. ;

1,Charaka ( classical Author of Ayurveda says,Vegitarian diet in cooked form is best for digestion.its easier for the body to process and elimination of residues and toxins happens is easier . It helps to prevent the formation of Toxins ( Ama).

2,A balanced intake of vegetables, grains, nuts, legumes, and seeds is enough to provide the various nutrients like iron, protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals.As it undergoes very quick processing its helping the production of ojas (immunity),Tejas (perfect metabolism) prana (vitality).

3,Mordern studies shows that Plant based vegetarian diet is very effective in controlling lifestyle diseases which are the biggest health challenges of this era.Fibres provide the best environment for good bacterias to get fed and grow in our intestines.It reduces inflammations as these bacterias produce antiinflammatory factors.

Fibres have many more benefits like it helps tp balance the blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity.Green and bitter elements are good for cleaning liver.

Vegitables are great source of Anti oxidants and vitamins and thus helps preventing cancers.

Protiens in the vegitarian sources like in legumes are balanced with other nutrients like fibers, micro elements, vitamins also.This they produce less inflammations in the body.

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