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Vata Diet

People predominant with Vata dosha are having irregular digestive fire.So it would be best if they eat small, regular meals and avoid too much heavy food and food combinations.

Food should be having predominant in warm, oily, static, slimy, hot, slow, soft, liquid are suitable for Vata types because they are opposite to the air characteristics.They should eat by chewing well.

Food to avoid

Foods that are astringent, bitter or pungent need to be avoided. Raw foods need to be avoided as its heavier to digest.

Raw food is also somewhat detrimental for Vata types because it is more difficult to digest.


Vata should give importance to fruits that is fully ripened and sweet.They could prepare cooked fruits adding cardamon and cinnamon and its easy for digest.Dry fruits has to be soaked and cooked with the porridge for breakfast for example.Keep a gap of 1 hour at least between the meals and fruits.Would be ideal to eat around 10 am and 3pm for example if the breakfast is at 8 am and lunch at 1 pm. •Apples (cooked,Applesauce,Apricots,Bananas (well ripened, not green),Berries,Cantaloupe,Cherries,Coconut,Dates (fresh, cooked, or soaked),Figs (fresh, cooked, or soaked),Grapefruit,Grapes,Kiwi,Lemon,Lime,Mango,Melons,Oranges,Papaya,Peaches,Pineapple,Plums,Prunes (cooked or soaked),Raisins (cooked or soaked),Tamarind are all favorable.Raw Apples (raw),Bananas (green),Cranberries,Dried Fruit, in general are needed to be avoided among the fruits.


Raw vegetables are to be avoided by Vata. If incase taken it should be during lunch time as there is enough digestive fire.Vegetables in cooked form are best for Vata. Rooted veggies helps in grounding.Adding enough spices will boost the digestion of the veggies and oils will help in making it soft and unctuous opposing the dry qualities of vata. Also cooking in oily media is beneficial. • Asparagus,Avocado,Beets,Carrots, Cooked,Chilies (in very small quantities),Cilantro,Cucumber,Garlic,Green Beans,Green Chilies,Leeks,Mustard Greens,Okra,Olives (black),Onion, Cooked,Parsnip,Peas, Cooked, Pumpkin, Rutabaga, Spinach, Cooked,Squash, Summer,Squash, Winter,Sweet Potatoes,Watercress,Zucchini all are good for Vata. •

Artichokes,Bitter Melon,Broccoli,Brussels Sprouts,Burdock Root,Cabbage(Raw),Cauliflower,Celery,Chilies,Corn(Fresh),Dandelion Greens,Jerusalem Artichokes,Kale,Kohlrabi,Lettuce,Mushrooms, Onion(Raw),Peas(Raw),Peppers(Hot),Potatoes, White Radishes,Spinach(Raw),Sprouts,Tomatoes,Turnips are needed to be avoided.


Generally grains are good for Vata pacification. Well cooked, warm and soft whole grain meals are good for Vata. They are sweet in nature and gives energy as it is rich carbohydrates also.Avoid grains that are exceptionally light, dry, rough, dense and heavy. Amarant, Durham Flour,Oats(Cooked), Quinoa, Rice (all types), Seitan, Sprouted Wheat Bread,Wheat are all indicated for vata. • Barley,Buckwheat,Cereals (cold, dry, or puffed),Corn,Couscous,Crackers,Granola,Millet,Muesli,Oat Bran,Oats, Dry,Pasta, Wheat,Rice Cakes,Rye,Spelt,Tapioca,Wheat Bran,Yeasted Bread are contra indicated.

Legumes & Beans

Legumes and beans can be dry, rough and hard and gassy after digestion.To avoid these, Cooking the legumes and beans after soaking over night and adding spices like curcuma ,cumin, ginger, and most importantly hing- a pinch (asafoetida)must be added.

This is perfect solution for vata people when they eat legumes.Legumes and beans serve as best plant source of proteins and fibers at same time and is very nourishing for Vata. Lentils( Red), Mung beans, Mung dal,Soy Cheese,Toor Dal, Urad Dal are generally good for the Vata people.

Adzuki Beans,Black Beans,Black-Eyed Peas,Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas),Kidney Beans,Lentils(Brown),Lima Beans,Navy Beans,Pinto Beans,Soy Beans,Soy Flour,Soy Powder, Split Peas, Tempeh, White Beans are heavier and gassy.So Vata people need to reduce the consumption and taken in limited quantity.


Spices are good for vata but not in excess.Its good for vata as most spices improve the digestion and provide easing of wind in the intestine.Its good for bowels as well.Ajwain,Anise,Basil,Bay Leaf,Black Pepper,Caraway,Cardomon,cinnamon,cloves,Cloves,Coriander ,Cumin ,Dill,Fennel,Garlic,Ginger,Hing (Asafoetida),Mace,Marjoram,Mint,Mustard Seeds,Nutmeg,Oregano,Paprika,Parsley,Peppermint,pippali,Rosemary,Saffron,salt,Thyme, Turmeric are all good food for vata in moderation.Cayenne pepper, chillies need to be avoided by vata individuals.


Dairy products Dairy products are generally quite balancing for vata, but it’s good to avoid highly processed preparations (like powdered milk), and especially cold dairy products. For example, boiled cow’s milk (ideally a non-homogenized variety) spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, sweetened if desired, and served hot, is a tonic for vata, whereas cold cow’s milk may be too difficult for many to digest. As a rule, dairy milks (cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sheep’s milk, etc.) should be taken at least one hour before or after any other food. For this reason, avoid drinking milk with meals. Almond and rice milks are good substitutes, if you need to combine milk with other foods, or if you don’t digest dairy milks well.


Most sweeteners are favorable to Vata because it pacify vata.But the refined sugar does opposite. Jaggery, and molasses, are especially.Honey should be taken in moderate as its drying in nature.

Avoid completely Artificial Sweeteners,White Sugar,Honey (heated or cooked).

Meat and Eggs

As meat and animal food is very quickly nourishing it is best for vata constitution. •Beef,Buffalo,Chicken (especially dark),Duck,Eggs,Fish (fresh and salt water),Salmon,Sardines, Seafood,Tuna Fish,Turkey (dark) are favorable for vata.

Shrimp and shell fishes may be not so favorable to vata as it may be creating allergies and heavier for digestion.


Oils are generally good for Vata body type. • Almond Oil,Avocado Oil,Castor Oil,Coconut Oil,Ghee,Mustard Oil,Olive Oil,Safflower Oil,Sesame Oil,Sunflower Oil are all favorable for Vata pacification.Canola Oil,Corn Oil,Flax Seed Oil,Soy Oil are not so favorable.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are supposed to pacify the Vata, as it has rich nutritive value with proteins and healthy fats.But they are dry and heavier for digestion.So best is to soak nuts over night and remove the skin.Seeds can be posted in a pan.Almonds,WalnutsBrazil Nuts,Cashews,Coconut,Hazelnuts,Macadamia Nuts are favorable for Vata. Peanuts can increase the Vata. Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds,Sunflower Seeds are good for Vata.

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