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Properties of Food

According to the holistic approach of Ayurveda, food does not only have an impact on our physical, but also on our mental health. There are 3 properties of food to remember. Each of them acts on our mind in a different way - Sattva, Raja, Tamas.

We'll give you some concrete examples of each category but remember that this can be disputed.

Sattvic food supports the mind to stay clear and focused. It refreshes the ability to think, increases curiosity, the desire to wake up and to be active.

Rajasic food increases the urge to work, to push and to manifest. It stimulates outward motion, creativity and passion, but also aggression.

Tamasic foods gives us the desire to rest and to stop. They mostly have a depressing and slowing down effect („couch potato“).

What does that mean for your daily diet? - Focus on Sattvic and Rajasic foods - Eat according to your individual body constitution - In general, always make sure that you follow a healthy lifestyle - Your diet is not unhealthy if you allow yourself from time to time a small amount of tamasic foods Keep a healthy balance of your food choices!

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