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Osteoporosis- Ayurveda Treatment

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the density of bone decreases, thereby making the bones fragile. It leads to unusually porous bones that results in recurrent fractures in the bones particularly the spine, hips, ribs, and wrists bones. Both women and men can be affected by this disorder.

Risk factors of Osteoporosis

Age. Bone density peaks around age 30 after which bones begin to lose mass.

Gender. Women over the age of 50 are most likely to develop osteoporosis.

Family history can be a factor also.

Bone structure and Body weight— smaller framed people are having larger chances to develop osteoporosis than people with larger frames.

Past history of fracture and also Family history of osteoporosis can be a factor also.

Diseases like Hypo thyroidism arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis can make individual more susceptible.

Alcohol and coffee consumption is a factor for getting more susceptible to Osteoporosis.

Postmenopausal women are susceptible to primary osteoporosis since osteoporosis is closely related to estrogen deficiency.

Ayurveda approach

Vata vitiation leads to weak or fragile bones that become osteoporotic and fracture easily. As per Ayurveda, all the food that we eat, converts into different tissues because of Dhatu Agni (Metabolism). Calcium, and phosphorous with help of vitamin D helps in conversion to bone tissues.When this Asthi Dhatu Agni or Bone metabolism does not function very well, in spite, of taking calcium and vitamins, bones start degenerating and lead to osteoporosis.Besides this, excess vata (air) in the body also cause degeneration.

Ayurvedic dietary support for Osteoporosis

1,Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds and sesame oil is said to be best for the Vata. It includes minerals, such as copper, magnesium, calcium, omega-3 fats and protein content which are good for bone tissues.

Concoction of soaked sesame seeds can be used or Salads can be used by sprinkling the seeds over the salad also.

2,Black cumin-Black cumin -Nigella sativa

Black cumin is abundent with thymoquinone which is already identified for the promotion of fracture healing. It has antioxidative, and anti-inflammatory activities may play some roles in the treatment of osteoporosis as this bone disease has been linked to oxidative stress and inflammation.

3,Milk Products

Milk and milk products can be used as best.Full fat organic milk added with Safron, curcuma, dates, almonds any one of them are good bedtime drink.


Almonds, walnuts, or pistachios are helpful.Nuts are rich in calcium, 3 fatty acids, vitamin D12, Vitamin B6, phosphorous and folate.

5,Flaxseeds These nutty seeds are rich with protein, fibre and omega 3 fatty acids. The seeds also contain high α-linolenic acid and calcium concentration that may boost your bone health tremendously.

6,Oils -Like sesame oil ,Virgin Olive oil is best for osteoporosis.

7,Green veggies- Dark leafy greens such as bok choy, Chinese cabbage, kale, collard greens, and turnip ect. Spinach, beet greens, okra, artichokes,

8,Essential oils - peppermint, eucalyptus, cyprus and lemongrass oils are helpful in in osteoporosis.Mix several drops with a carrier oil, such as sesame oil or coconut oil, and apply to any painful areas.

9,Herbs-Red sage (Salvia miltiorrhiza) ,Thyme Turmeric are beneficial.Phyto estrogen herb like Satavari( Asparagus racemoses),Arjuna(Terminalia Arjuna), Aswagandha(Indian ginseng) ect are all beneficial from Ayurveda.


Vit D

Vit D.Helps to absorb calcium like any other minerals.

Its also found in seafoods, eggs and body produces vitamins D when exposed to sunlight.



As the saying goes ,use it or lose it.Moderate intensity exercises and weight bearing ones , creates stress on the bones and joints helps to bone formation.Ayurveda describes that it will help stimulating agin/of specific tissue of bone -asthi dhatu- meaning the bone metabolism itself.

Ayurveda therapies

Abhyanga- Oils massage

Oil massage is very much advised in ayurveda as a part of daily regimen.At least once per week is very useful regimen.

Anuvasana Basti

In this method, you deposit fat or ghee for longer periods within the intestines. This is the most effective basti treatments for bone tissue and muscle relaxation, and to soothe the mind. Similarly, treatments such as Abhyanga or Kati Basti can increase the strength and range of body joint movements.

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