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Kapha type: Diet according to Ayurveda

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Kapha dosha is factor of the structural cohesion of the organism at the same time fluidity of the body . It is the one dosha which is supposed to give strength to the body.

Kapha dosha has the following qualities as per Ayurveda classical book Ashtanga Hrudaya.

  1. Snigdha - unctuousness.

  2. Shita - cold.

  3. Guru - heavy - stable movement, solid.

  4. Manda - dull, slow.

  5. Slakshna - smooth (like ice-cream).

  6. Mrtsnah - greasy. Magnetic attraction. Binding. (not in 20 gunas, not even 41 gunas).

  7. Sthira - stable.

  8. Hema - very cold. With water quality (Susruta).

  9. Madhura - Sweet. (caraka) Pleasantness. Ojas.

  10. Mrdhu - soft. (Caraka). It is responsible for cohesiveness, unctuousness, lubricity, stability, and immunity.

Ayurveda states the similiar qualities causes Vridhi ( aggrevation), Oppisite ones reduce the opposite qulities.This is applicable in management of every dosha.In short Diet for Kapha should be with opposites of Kapha's own properties .


Qualities : Dying, Rough, Hot, Light, Spicy, Stimulating and Purifying

Tastes: Spicy, Bitter and Astringent

Kapha is more retaining than loosing.Sweet,Sour and Salty tastes increases kapha by increasing the kpaha and by increasing the bulk and moisture.The digestive and metabolic fire of the Kapha type is quite low to moderate and digestive residues and waste products are easily deposited in the body. For this reason, it is also particularly difficult for Kapha types - despite all kinds of diets - to lose weight, and they often feel tired and heavy after eating. Most times the people who are Kapha like things which causes Kapha aggravation and hates the opposite ones.Exactly this is the reason why they cant achieve results.They oftens tell me that "Oh doctor, you cancel all that i like and i eat now in the the diet you advised me",followed by," what shall i eat now "?.In such case i need to slowly change their view on food. Kapha people are happy going. They often compensate for stress, anger or inner conflicts with indulgence in sweets or large amounts of heavy and tasty food.

In the early morning, late evening, in spring, and for women before menstruation, its Kapha predominent time . Kapha- typical eating behavior will create aggravation in Kapha and is particularly harmful. To prevent a Kapha accumulation and disorder such as constant tiredness even though one is sleeping sufficiently, depression, water retention in the tissues, hormonal imbalance or weight gain all very sweet, heavy, salty and fried foods should be avoided here.

Accept and enjoy small successes.

Kapha people should learn how to accept their own body.As they have very clinching and sticky nature to thier habits a patient step by step changes are necessary. In most cases, even a small change in diet gets the sluggish metabolism moving. Daily outdoor exercise, yoga, an easily digestible composition of each meal, plenty of vegetables and metabolism-boosting spices such as turmeric, coriander, cumin, methi (fenugreek seeds) and garlic can balance a strong Kapha. They are people who should be going for intense exercises.


In general the grains are strengthening and improving Dhatus ( tissues ).So kapha people can take a small portion of grains especially whole grains, and increase your amount of vegetables. They can take light and dry grains.They can use buckwheats, Barley, Millet, Oat and Rye.Rice ,wheat are increasing the Kapha. Refined flour products are definitely creating very high kapha increase.


Veggies have lot of fibre and this helps in cleansing the sticky Kapha internally.

Bitter, astringent and pungent veggies are best for Kapha. Green veggies are usually bitter and astringent.

The best is to use veggies cooked though its possible to take salads during lunch time.Best time to indulge in salads is during spring and summer.Artichoke,Beets,Bitter melons, Brussel sprouts,Broccoli,Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Chillies, Dandelion Greens, Garlic,Onions,Radishes all can be used .Tomatoes should be used cooked as the sour taste increases the Kapha and when cooked its milder.Potatoes increases kapha.

Legumes-Legumes are good for Kapha because it contains fibres, protiens and astringent in taste.Azuki beans ,black bean, black eyed beans, lentil, soya beans ect. are all good for kapha people.

Milk& Diary-Diary products are contraindicated for Kapha people because heavy, unctuous, qualities can increase Kapha and blocks channels(Srothas).It also increases mucous and reduce the agni again.Dairy products should be taken only during lunch, and sometimes breakfast

Ideally, milk is boiled and served hot with a pinch of turmeric or ginger—to make it more digestible and less congesting. Goat’s milk and goat’s cheese are the better options for kapha because they are lighter, but are best in moderation. Almond milk ,oat milk and rice milks are good substitutes.

Meat,Fish and Eggs-Animal products are Guru (heavy), Snigdha(oily), Dense in general as per Ayurveda. Meat is having Tamo guna(dullness) created in the mind. Pork and buffalo are most heavy, so should be avoided by Kapha. Quail and grey partridge are lighter (Laghu). Processed meat has to be completely avoided as generally saltier and heavier. Kapha does best with animal foods that are light and relatively dry (like chicken or freshwater fish), as opposed to those that are heavy, oily, or especially dense (such as beef, pork, or duck).Fishes are generally having properties like Salty, Oily ,heavy, dense charectors which also increases Kapha. It also is said to create blockages in the channels. Eating less meat, fish and Eggs all around is generally beneficial.

Oils -Oils are a bit heavy, oily (as it is) and increasing Kapha . But good quality oils in small quantities are acceptable. Reheating of the oils while cooking must be completely avoided.Avoid buying refined oils and as much as possible buy organic ones.Frying should be avoided, Steaming and sauteing is good.

Corn oil, sunflower oil, flax seed oil, rap seed oil or ghee are better choices.

Spices -Spices are very good for Kapha people as they contain the pungent,astringent and bitter in tastes except cardomon and cinnamon more on sweeter side .Ushna ( hot) teeksha( sharp) properties are also helpfull to balance the Kapha.Onions, garlic, ginger, black pepper, chili pepper, and cayenne pepper benefit kapha.In general almost all spices are indicated for Kapha individuals.

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