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It’s a condition due to retaining of excess iron in the body.Its genetical condition which can harm heart, liver, pancreas and other organs. Its a manageable condition with regular monitoring.

Common Symptoms of Hemochromatosis

It is mostly asymptomatic.Tiredness can be a common symptom.Other symptoms like Joint discomfort, Diabetes, Pain in the abdomen,Impotence, Suffering from a lack of sexual desire, Insufficiency of the heart, Skin tones of bronze or grey, Failure of the liver, and Memory issue ect.

Ayurveda treatment for Hemochromatosis

As any other diseases,Ayurveda manages Hemochromatosis by eliminating the basic cause,

That is eliminating the excess iron from the body, preventing excess iron absorption by reducing intake ect. Bloodletting like leeches is very beneficial to balance the condition.Leech therapy make the blood also thin and make sure the flow is fine.

Herbs like Punarnava, Triphala, curcuma, Katuki are common herbs for treatment.

Diet for Hemochromatosis

Excess iron rich food like red meat, processed meat items has to be completely avoided.Low-iron protein sources, such as chicken, turkey, tuna can be included. Antioxidant rich foods with Vitamin C,Vitamin E, flavonoids which are found in the fruits and vegitables are helpful.Grains and legumes contains physic acid which is an inhibitor for iron absorption.

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