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Guidelines for a healthy spring season

Today’s post is showing information about Spring season (vasanta) as it is described in classical Ayurvedic textbooks. In India there are 6 seasons, therefore this might differ from the common understanding of the 4 seasons in Europe.

A few more days to go and Spring season starts. In Ayurveda, Spring is the king of the seasons. The earth wakes up with new energy and causes sprouting. Everything is blooming and flowering with a lot of different colours. The dullness of Autumn and Winter season stops and people feel more motivated to get active and mostly wear a smile on their faces.

The qualities of Spring are heavy, unctuous, gentle, and moist: Kapha dosha gets accumulated during this season. That's the reason why many people catch colds and suffer from various allergies. Hence, to enjoy a healthy experience during this time, we should focus on a diet and lifestyle that reduce a potentially increased Kapha -

1. Advised food - Foods with Tikta (bitter), Katu (pungent), Kashaya (astringent) taste 2. Food to avoid - Foods that are hard to digest and those that are Sheeta (cold), Snighda (oily), Guru (heavy), Amla (sour) and Madhura (sweet), curd and cold drinks 3. Lifestyle habits to follow - warm water for baths, physical activity, nasal drops, oil pulling, inhalation 4. Lifestyle habits to avoid - Day sleep, heavy & oily food, lack of physical activity

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