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Diet for Pitta

Ashtanga hrudayam says Pittam sasnheham theekshnoshnam laghu visram saram dravam. Pitta is oily, sharp,hot,light, sharp smelling, quick spreading and liquid. So,individual who has Pitta predominance will be having similar character in the body and mind.

Pungent,sour and salty tastes increases the pitta whereas sweet, bitter and astringent decrease pitta.Food products which has similar qualities like oily, sharp,hot,light, sharp smelling, quick spreading and liquid, increases pitta whereas opposites will reduce pitta.

Balance is maintaining the equilibrium which is unique for each individuals.


Grains are generally good for pitta.They are generally sweet, cooling and grounding.Amaranth,Barley,Couscous,Crackers, Oat Bran, Oats, Pancakes, Pasta, Quinoa, Rice (basmati, white, wild), Rice Cakes, Seitan, Spelt, Sprouted Wheat Bread, Tapioca.

Wheat, Wheat Bran,corn,yeasted bread needs to be avoided

Buck wheat and millet are heating but drying in nature.So should be moderately taken.


Fruits are generally pitta pacifying except sour fruits.Fruits that pacify pitta will generally be sweet and astringent.Bitter fruits are very rare.Fruits can be bitter when unripened.But Ayurveda says unripened fruits can increase pitta due to presence of phyto enzymes which are very much pitta increasing though the fruits can be bitter, astringent or sour most times.

Fruits must be completely ripened in natural way and sweet in nature.Apples (sweet),Apricots (sweet),Berries (sweet)

,Cherries (sweet),Coconut,Dates,Figs,Grapes (sweet-red, purple, black), Limes, Mangos (ripe), Melons, Oranges (sweet), Papaya,Pears, Pineapple (sweet), Plums (sweet), Pomegranates, Prunes, Raisins, Strawberries, Watermelon are fine to take.Whereas sour fruits like kiwi, sour berries and cherries, tamarind are to be avoided.


Vegetables are generally pacifying to pitta dosha.Sweet,bitter and astringent are fine.

Artichoke,Asparagus,Beets (cooked),Bell Peppers,Bitter Melon, Broccoli, Brussels Cabbage, Carrots (raw and cooked), Cauliflower, Celery, Cilantro, Cucumber, Dandelion Greens, Green Beans, Jerusalem Artichoke, Kale, Leafy Greens, Leeks (cooked), Lettuce, Mushrooms, Okra,Olives (black),Onions (cooked ),Parsley,Parsnips,Peas,Peppers (sweet),Potatoes,Pumpkin,Radishes (cooked),Rutabaga,Spaghetti Squash,Sprouts (not spicy),Squash, Summer,Squash, Winter,Spinach (raw),Sweet Potatoes,Watercress,Wheat Grass,Zucchini.

Avoid Corn (fresh), Daikon Radish, Eggplant, Garlic, Green Chilies, Horseradish, Kohlrabi, Leeks (raw), Mustard Greens, Olives, green, Onions (raw), Peppers (hot), Radishes (raw), Spinach (cooked), Tomatoes, Turnip greens, Turnips

Onions and tomatoes in cooked form can be used in small amounts.


Legumes are usually drying, moderately heavy, hard and astringent taste.Generally legumes should be consumed by soaking it in water and cooking well with spices like curcuma, cumin, ginger, coriander ect. Hing is an excellent addition to the spice mix.Adzuki Beans,Black Beans,Black-Eyed Peas,Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas),Kidney Beans, Lentils, Mung beans, Mung Dal,Split Peas,Soy Beans, White Beans all good for pitta.

Need to avoid fermented soya products like soya cheese, soy milk, urad dal ect .needed to be avoided.

Dairy Products

Milk and milk products are generally cooling, heavy, nourishing, unctuous.Its helpful to balance pitta.Ghee is particularly mentioned in Ayurveda for pitta balance.Butter (unsalted),Cheese Cottage Cheese,Cow’s Milk,Ghee, Goat’s Milk,Goat’s Cheese,Buttermilk, Kefir, Yogurt (homemade, diluted, without fruit) are possible to be included for pitta persons. Sour and salty milk products need to be avoided. Milk products should be avoided at night.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are very healthy source of good fats.But they are generally heating in nature and can cause allergies.They are generally acceptable in smaller quantities.

Almonds (soaked and peeled),Coconut,Flax Seeds,Pumpkin Seeds,Sunflower Seeds all are good for pitta.Peanuts and cashews needed to be avoided particularly.Chia seeds, sesame seeds needed to be avoided.

Meat and Eggs

Animal products are generally heating in nature.So it increases the the heating character of the pitta.On the other side, pitta can digest the meat very well.

The meat which has character of oily, salty, or heating needed to be taken less.Like Beef, pork, fish (salt water ) are to be taken less in quantity.Turkey, chicken, fresh water fishes and Eggs are fine to eat.


Oiliness will increase the character of oiliness of pitta.So Oil should be taken in less quantity.

Best oils for pitta are those which are more cooling in nature, like coconut oil, sunflower oil, ghee, and olive oil.Sesame oil, safflower oil, corn oil needed to be avoided.


Sweet taste is the best taste that reduces pitta.Processed sweets are heatings needed to be avoided.

Natural sweets like Date Sugar,Maple Syrup,Honey( moderately) , Jagger,

Are fine. White sugar and its products needed to be avoided.


Spices are generally hot in nature,so it increase pitta.Bitter and astringent spices are better.Means less pungent and hot potency spices are fine. Cumin, saffron, and turmeric,Cardamom, cilantro, coriander, fennel and mint are fine. European spices are generally fine.Basil (fresh),Dill,Parsley,Oregano,Sage,Rosemary,Peppermint,Tarragon,Vanilla, Wintergreen are fine for pitta.Cayenne, Cloves, Garlic, Ginger (dry, Hing (Asafoetida), Mustard Seeds,Paprika,Pippali,Poppy Seeds,Trikatu need to be avoided.Salt has to be used moderate.

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