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The Mental Therapy

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

In our daily life we are faced with many choices and options. Our mind is forced to make decisions constantly. We feel uncertain, unfocused and distracted. In long term, this becomes tiring, stressful and makes us unhappy (decision fatigue). Here are some advice on how we can cope with the feeling of uncertainty.

1. Constraints: Choices made in advance gives us clear directions, framework, values and goals (stable social network, stable job, spirituality).

2. Satisfaction: Our brain gets a positive feedback (serotonin, dopamine) through actions we enjoy. We experience positive emotions and the motivation to repeat these actions. Finally, this leads to an upward spiral.

3. Sufficient action: Making specific plans reduces the quantity of unfinished goals, intrusive thoughts and distractions and hence increases the feeling of productivity and self-efficacy.

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