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Burnout and Ayurveda

Today's fast-paced, high stress, technology-filled world with all uncertainties is wreaking havoc on our work & thus in mental health. Pulled in so many different directions, we are not able to spend time on recovery and self care.It results in constant extreme exhaustion like never before especially . From an Ayurvedic perspective, Burnout can be due to Vata dosha that has accumulated in the nervous system. This then causes headaches,skin issues,poor immunity,digestive issues, compensatory eating,sugar addictions,self doubt,emptiness,pessimism ,fear, worry ,anxiety, and other symptoms associated with Vata dosha.In this presentation, Ayurvedic doctor Dinil will discuss: ·

How can we assess Burnout in Ayurveda? ·

What are the factors which make us prone to Burnout ? .

How to manage Burnout with ayurveda through diet and lifestyle changes ? .

About most common tips for management of Burnout?.

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