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Ayurvedic daily regimen to be followed for maintaining a healthy skin

Daily regimen (Dincharya procedures) for beauty.

1. Ushapaan – Usthapaan means drinking of water before the sun rise.

It helps in prevention of many diseases and also helps in reducing weight.

2. Dantadhavana(Brushing of teeth) – One should brush in morning and night after intake of food. Benefits – It brings about freshness, takes away bad odor and coating on teeth. It produces alleviation of Kapha, cleanness in the mouth and desire for food.

Contraindications- In case of indigestion, vomiting, difficulty to breath, cough, fever, facial paralysis, excessive thirst, mouth ulceration, diseases of heart, eye, head and ear are contraindicated for teeth brushing.

3. Jihvyanirlekhana (Tongue cleaning) – Tongue cleaning should be done with the help of instrument which is smooth,soft,10 Angula in length, made of silver, gold, or iron.

Benefits- It removes bad taste, odor of mouth, cures Oedema, stiffness of tongue and gives taste.

4. Gandusa (Gargaling) – Mouth is completely filled with Gandusa Dravya and kept without movement in gargling or Gandusa. Every day Gandusa is ideally done with oil or meat soup.

Benefits – Practice of Gandusa enhances strength of mandible, resonance of voice, nourishment of face, taste sensation and good taste. It prevents dryness of throat, cracking of lips, decay of teeth and makes the teeth strong.

5. Anjana (Collyrium) – Eye is most important among all the sense organs. So it protect it one should be apply Anjana every day.

Benefits – Application of Anjana cleans the human eyes, which makes them shine like the bright moon in the sky. Contraindications – One should not apply Anjana in the condition of tiredness, crying, after intake of alcohol, anger, fever, fear.

6. Nasya – Nose is the entry way for the head and medicine used in the form of nasal instillation, cures the diseases of head through this routes only. Nasya indicated as daily regimen is Pratimarsh Nasya. Benefits – Practice of Nasya at proper time as said in the text prevents diseases of eyes, nose, and ears. There will no hair fall instead they grow well. Veins, skull bones, joints, ligaments and tendons are nourished by Nasya and become strong. Face becomes pleasant and nourished, voice become sweet, deep and loud, clearness in sense organs and strength get enhanced.

7. Vyayam (Exercise) – Exercise nourish the body, gives good complexion, proportionate body parts, take away laziness , provide lightness , purifies the body , enhance tolerance power of tiredness.

8. Abhayanga(Massage) - One should massage the body with Luke warm oil , according to season in the direction of body hair. Oil can be used according to the season, Dosha and condition.

Benefits – Daily practice of Abhayanga delays ageing, cures tiredness and Vata disorders, improve vision, complexion, nourishment, life, sleep, good lustrous skin and strength. This should be done specially to head, ears and feet.

9. Padabhayanga(Foot massage) – Padabhayanga helps to remove dryness , stiffness , roughness , tiredness and numbness instantly. It also makes the skin smooth, provides strength and stability to feet, improve vision. It also prevents diseases like sciatica, cracking of foot and stiffness of ligaments.

10. Shirobhayanga(Head massage) – Daily practice of head massage prevents balding , graying , hairfall , gives strength to skull , strengthens hair roots , make the hair black and long. It also nourishes the sense organs , softness the skin , provides luster to face.

11. Udvartana – Massage done after oil massage is Udvartana. Massage with powder of herbs without oil is Udgharsana. Massage with the paste of herbs without oil is Utsadana. Benefits – By Udgharsana blood vessels get dilated and Agni of skin ( Bhrajaka Pitta) get enhanced. Udgharsana cures itching, rashes, Vata diseases, enhance strength of thighs and provides lightness. Utsadana enhance complexion of ladies, gives pleasures, clearness and lightness in the body.

12. Snana(Bath) – Taking bath is auspicious , enhances virility , longevity , strength , compactness and Ojas , at the same time cures tiredness , sweat and impurities of the body.

13) Vastradharana (Wearing cloths) – Wearing clean cloths enhances beauty, success, longevity, pleasantness of mind, recognition in the society and destroys poverty.

13. Padatradharana(Wearing of foot wear) – Wearing foot wear is good for eyes , skin and destroys diseases of foot. It enhance strength, courage and virility.

14. Chatradharana(Wearing head turban and umbrella) – Wearing turban over the head , helps to keep the hair clean and good for hair. Umbrella protects from rain, wind, dust and intense heat of sun. It improves complexion and good for eyes and enhances Ojas and is auspicious.

15. Diet – Diet also play an important role in maintaining beauty. So one should have proper diet along with above mentioned procedures

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