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Abhyangam -Ayurvedic oil massage

In simple words Abhyangam is Ayurvedic oil massage.Its part of daily regimens described in Ayurvedic text books.Self oileation can be part of self care and self love.Increased endorphins, serotonin and dopamine hormones is a common benefit gained through massage.


1,Its best to control Vata dosha, lubricates the joints, improve circulation.

2,Delays Jara -Aging and prolong the life span

3,Relives Srama- Tiredness,Relaxing, Calms the nerves

4,Improve vision, relieves pain

5,Imparts muscle tone and vigor to the dhatus (tissues) of the body

6,Stimulates the internal organs of the body,Moves the lymph, aiding in detoxification

7,Softens and smoothens skin; wrinkles are reduced and disappear

Ayurveda gives a lot of importance for elation therapy internally and externally. Abhyangam or oil massage is another extension of the approach. Human cells are made of fats and proteins.Oils being fat it pass through the skin and reach the place it is targeted.So through this oil media you can make herbs to reach the cells, if the oil is processed with herbs.

Duration :45 minutes to 1 hour

If you are doing self oil massage you are supposed tp maintain the oil for atlas 45 minutes to 1 hour on the body.

How to do ?

Early morning before bath is ideal time for self oil massage.Evening hours being the Vata period its best to do also at evening hours. Hot fomentation is also ideal to do after oil massages.It improve the absorption of the oil media.Ideally massage is given before food or 1 hour after food.

Oils has to be Luke warm, bit warmer than body temperature.

Which oils to be selected ?

Ayurveda doctor or Ayurveda expert based on the your individual body type can advice particular oil suitable for you.

Sesame oil is said to be best for oil massages as Ayurveda states that it has the best Vata and Kapha balancing characteristics.

Coconut oil, or sunflower oil can be best for the Pitta type of body.Almond oil is best for Vata, and safflower oil.Mustard oil is good for kapha.


Sit or stand comfortably in a warm room.

Follow this sequence

Apply oil on Anterior fontanelle first(adhipati marma).

Then to other parts with your finger tips to make it reach on scalp skin, from centre to periphery.

Forehead-Centre to sideways.Massage with medium pressure just above eyebrows.Face and ears to be massaged with circular movements.Use palm and fingers in a rotatory motion on both sides.Abdomen has to be massage.Abdomen has to be massaged with clock wise.Back has to be massaged from centre to outwards.Joints of hands and legs has to be massaged with rotatory movements.Hands and legs From up, downwards with long strokes and circular strokes around the joints.

Abhyangam is done an External therapy for wellbeing and also as a preparation for detox process of panchakarma.

Few of the classical Ayurveda oil preparations and its benefits.

1, Dhanwantharam tailam -Its best to manage the pain and ease the stiffness caused by the Vata disorder. It is also beneficial in the pain disorders like arthritis, osteoarthritis, knee pain, backache, and spondylosis.Its also best for females.

2,Narayana tailam -Narayana thailam is an abhyanga oil for relaxing muscles as it strengthens the muscles and rejuvenates them. Abhyanga or oil massage with Narayan tailm helps to calm down.

3,Balaswagandhadi tailam -Its an oil formulated to provide strength to body.Balaswagandhadi thailam is an abhyanga oil from Sahasrayogam (classical text) to relieve stiff and achy muscles and joints post-illness.With ingredients such as Sida plant or bala, Indian ginseng (aswagandha), lac ( laksha), and other strength imparting or balya herbs in a nourishing base of sesame oil, balaswagandhadi thailam will help you push through fatigue after illnesses

4,Ksheerabala tailam -Ksheerabala thailam

Can be best for pitta and vata conditions it can be used for head massages and relaxing foot massage to relieve sleepless hours and uneasiness at night. Country mallow or bala, the key ingredient in Ksheerabala thailam, is simmered in a healthy mix of cow’s milk and sesame oil. It helps balance Vata dosha and calms your senses.its best to use for the feet massage before sleep.

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