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Gout is a form of arthritis caused by deposition of uric acid crystals (monosodium urate) in the joints. Its due to the imbalance metabolism of purines and their is imbalance where there is an over production of uric acid ( 10% cases )or excretion of uric acid by kidneys (90 %cases ).

Causes of Gout

Men (30-60 yrs) are more effected with gout, and it can be hereditary.The disease may also be associated with other diseases such as psoriasis or renal failure. Risk factors include obesity, high cholesterol, foods that are high in purine and alcohol.

Symptoms of Gout

Sharp pricking Pain in the joints,Often develops during night, affected area can be hot, red, swollen and painful to touch, sometimes also fever.

Ayurveda treatment for Gout

Abhyangam with Pinda thailam or Madhuyastyadi or Mahanarayana thailam or Kottam chukkadi thailam,Lepanam with Jadamayadi choornam,Dashamoola ksheera dhara are some of external treatment for Gout.Virechanam is best panchakarama in gout.Some cases blood letting with leeches are also indicated.

Food to avoid

Black gram (urad dal), Kulatha, Radish, Alcohol, Sugarcane, Curd,High purine rich food like meat, legumes, beer, sardines, tuna, mushroom etc.

Food to include

Low purine diet like rice, eggs(limited intake),Nuts (avoid cashew and peanut) and fat-free cheese, milk,Bread and cereal with whole grain flour,Plums and dark berriesGreen gram, Wheat, buffalo milk, amla, bitter gourd, raisins, ash gourd.

Herbs in Ayurveda for Gout

Amalaki- Embelica offcinalis,Haritaki -Terminalia cebula, Gudoochi- Tinospora cordifolia, Vibhitaki- Terminalia belerica, Manjishta- Tinospora cordifolia, Guggulu- Boswellia are few herbs which can help in Gouty Arthritic condition.

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