Ilze Svetna


Riga, Latvia

I'm so grateful for Dr. Dinil about all his support and professionality as a doctor to all my family. My mum has rheumatoid arthritis, she had a really bad wound in her feet. With an right oils and pills and tees and everything, the wound was healed and she is feeling much better. Now she is on ayurvedic medicines and can see the positive difference - both physically and mentaly. Every time we need a support Dr. Dinil is there for all our family. He is caring and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Ujjwal jain


A detailed explanation of root cause for my health issues - inflammation on lower back.. guided me with the complete precautions and routine to follow to reduce inflammation.. Thank you for helping out to understand and to take care of our health issues..

Elise Comrie


Having been through years of severe atopic dermatitis Dr. Paul was very caring, and has proposed a very helpful treatment! Thank you so much!

Ayub Mohammed

It professional


Great experience as a first timer. You are a wonderful, caring doctor who was always friendly.


Pedagogue & Childpsychotherapist


I met Dr. Dinil last year. I booked my appointment to learn more about Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle. He showed me how to make it a part of my daily life routines. These days, I am following it as far as possible and I feel very comfortable and healthy with it. In addition to this, I am taking the medicine he prescribed me every day. During the first lockdown I also started practising Yoga. Already after 1 month after my consultation, I had significantly less menstrual and digestion issues. I strongly believe in the holistic approach of Ayurveda. Big thanks to Dr. Dinil and the power of Ayurveda!

Edwin Varghese


Bangalore, India

The perfect solution for anyone who loves and prefer Ayurvedic treatment. Really talented Dr. Dinil, who helped me with expert solution to all my medical queries. Nice experience. Thank you