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Overthinking: Ayurvedic Seminar with Ayurveda Dr. Dinil

6. November 2022 09:30:00

Flow Studio, Rue de Hollerich, Luxembourg

Ayurveda seminar will describe practical steps to combat overthinking caused by stress

As a lot is happening these times, especially many bad events for us human beings. It's very common to be anxious. Overthinking can be one of the symptoms of a depression or anxiety disorder. It increases more emotional stress by focusing on the negative, dwelling on the past and worrying about the future.
In this Ayurvedic seminar Ayurveda Dr. Dinil will discuss the following points:
1. How can ruminating thoughts slowly increase your emotional stress level and lead to anxiety & depression?
2. How to build constructive habits to avoid overthinking?
3. What are the Ayurvedic and Yogic practices that help to calm down the tendency to overthink?
This seminar will take place in Hollerich (89, rue de Hollerich) in the Flow Studio on Sunday, 6th November at 10:30h.
Registrations are open until Friday, 4th November by sending an e-mail to
The seminar is for free. If you would like to support us, donations are welcome by digicash (+352691347269) or in cash.

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