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Lecture on Practical Ayurvedic Principles & Lifestyle

30. September 2019 18:30:00

1 Avenue de la Gare, 1611 Luxembourg

Lecture given by Dr. Dinil Paul at Nirvana Cafe

Ayurveda ("science of life") is one of the world’s oldest and most sophisticated mind-body health systems, first recorded more than 5000 years ago in ancient Sanskrit texts of India. This branch of ancient wisdom gives immense importance to maintenance of health and prevention of diseases, thus it offers us practical ways to increase our natural vitality and remain healthy throughout our lives.

This Seminar was conducted to understand the -

· The basic principles of Ayurvedic science
· The concept of the individual constitution
· Healthy and wholesome food and routine for different constitutions
· Basic daily regimens according to Ayurveda
· The daily practices applicable for increased vitality and disease prevention

Program consists of lecture by Dr Dinil Paul about basic principles of Ayurvedic science. Why the basic understanding about Ayurveda is relevant? Concept of individual constitution is very special teaching of Ayurveda, which consider each individual as very different organism, still being very much the part of universe. Diet which is wholesome or unwholesome can vary person to person according to different constitution or Prakruthi.
Lecture will also included the basic daily regimens according to Ayurveda & the daily practices applicable in routine life according to Ayurveda, for disease prevention.

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