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Coping strategies for Seasonal Depression & Anxiety

3. Januar 2021 11:30:00

89 Rue de Hollerich, 1741 Luxembourg

All of us are going through difficult times during the Corona crisis. In addition, the dark winter season causes a lot of disruption in our energy levels and mood which again worsens the issue. The webinar with Ayurvedic Dr. Dinil will take a close look at this topic and describe the following aspects:
● Ways to manage the seasonal depression with the help of Ayurveda
● Ayurvedic remedies to reduce anxiety during the Covid-19 crisis
● The benefits of breathing practices, yoga and other physical exercises
● The diet and physical or socio-behavioral guidelines to maintain mental wellbeing according to Ayurveda

This webinar will take place Sunday, 3. January at 17:00 via Zoom, please register to attend.
Participation fee 12 EUR or buy a pack of 5 online classes for 50 EUR (price per class is 10 EUR)

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