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Ayurveda for aging well

May 17, 2021 at 1:30:00 PM

5 Av. Marie-Thérèse, 2132 Luxembourg

On Tuesday #Ayurveda Doctor Dinil Paul from #India will talk in an #EwB-conference about how the principles of Ayurveda can be used to age well.

We asked him to answer the following questions:

➡️What is Ayurveda and why did you study it?

Ayurveda means the "science of life“. It is an Indian herbal medicine system which focusses on preventative health measures. I studied Ayurveda because of my love of nature and of natural remedies.

➡️Can Ayurveda be applied without problems for Europeans, even if it’s an Indian medicine system?

Sure. Ayurveda has its own principles which can be applied to various conditions. It is suitable for people of every part of the world.

➡️Is the webinar only for „old“ people?

This webinar is for everybody because the principles of preventative health and of graceful aging apply to everybody. There are constant degenerative processes that we all undergo in every day life. Ayurveda describes them with the subject of „Rasayana" (science of Invigorating the body).

📌Date: 18/05/2021 at 19:00 – 20:00

Registration possible until: 17/5/2021

Registration: Tel. 44743-340

Language: English

Price: free

Online: via Zoom

More information on Dr. Dinil:

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