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Evening Routine

When leaving work, shut the doors of the office in your mind. Do not bring office work or problems home. Home is a place for love, family, nurturing, resting, rejuvenating, talking, and playing. You can solve office problems when you return to work the next day. Turn on relaxing music in your car while driving home. When you arrive at your home, do not stimulate your mind with coffee, alcohol, loud music, television, or the computer. You have had enough stress already at your job. This is the time to relax.

Lie on the floor with your whole body completely relaxed, close your eyes, and breathe deeply, concentrating on your breath. This is called shavasana (the dead body pose) in yoga. It can take away the stress of your day in 5-7 minutes. A gentle head massage with or without oil and a shower or a bath will also put your body and mind in a mode of complete relaxation. In this happy and relaxed state of mind, spend time with your family and cook yourself a nice dinner. Do things that will make you happy and relax your mind. Eat dinner as early as possible, at least three hours before going to bed. Dinner should be light and easily digestible. After dinner do not stimulate your mind with too much television, video games, computer, internet, texting, or loud music. Instead listen to classical music, bhajans, devotional songs, or other soothing music, watch relaxing programs, or read some spiritual books. Go to bed by 10 PM.

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