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Ayurveda webinar:Movement is an essential part of life.

It keeps the body active and the mind energetic. According to Ayurveda, physical activity should be in harmony with a person‘s specific constitution (prakriti: Vata, Pitta and/or Kapha). Regardless of this individual body type, Ayurveda always suggests exercises that need 50% of one‘s capacity. This kind of workouts stimulates digestive fire (agni), helps to maintain good bone & heart health, relieves constipation and makes you sleep peacefully. In addition, it helps your mind to become and stay focused, mindful and relaxed. Various sports, fitness training, yoga, swimming etc. have various effects on the human body. So, does every activity suit everyone? For example: adventure sports - What can be protective measures and remedies of injuries? The Ayurvedic view says: know about your body types and select the activity accordingly. Follow its lifestyle advice and diet for keeping your body flexible, fit and healthy.

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