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Ayurveda webinar: Addictions

Top 10 addictions of modern society are coffee, tobacco, nicotine, alcohol, sex addiction, illegal prescription and use of drugs, gambling, internet and modern technology, video games, food and even work. The term “addition” which is commonly used for drug addiction applies also to uncontrolled use of alcohol, nicotine, opiates, heroines and other psychoactive substances. These unwholesome substances or bad habits are leading causes for several major diseases. This webinar will give us a deeper insight on the following points: 1. How does Ayurveda define the addictions and analyse its effects? 2. What solutions Ayurveda can propose for nowadays addictions? 3. What can be the withdrawal symptoms and how to manage them? 4. How does work Ayurvedic advice of “Satmikaranana” or the adaptation process?

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