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Dr. Dinil Paul 

Ayurvedic Doctor

Experience:  10 Years


My name is Dinil Paul. My journey starts from a small village in Kerala, a southern state of India. The state of Kerala is very much known for its Ayurvedic wisdom and its practice in day to day life. As a child I had the opportunity to experience the way of a modest living, read many thought provoking books and followed a spiritual lifestyle. Gaining knowledge and education was considered with high regards in society. My family made a living from agriculture and I had the chance to grow up close to nature. I was also blessed to have got primary and secondary education in public schools with experienced teachers who had high respect for traditional knowledge and culture of the region. Since early days, I have had my curiosity about the functioning of the human body. The books and writings I read to understand more about it never made me feel satisfied because of their mechanical approach. Most of the time I felt that some things remained unexplained.

I also started reading about Ayurveda and listening to scholars from that time. Those days, parents used to take me to the village’s herbal practitioner who used to make formulations from herbs to heal diseases. The bitter “Kashayam” herbal decoctions used to work most of the time to heal from any ailments. I learned it was harmless compared to other approaches. I felt amazed. Later by my destiny, I was chosen to study Ayurveda Medicine. In 2010, after 5.5 years of studies, I joined Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP) in Coimbatore. Since then I got a lot of clinical and teaching experiences. Learning the art of healing was my biggest passion and it used to make me feel happy and content. Working with AVP, I got a chance to work with great practitioners and teachers of Ayurveda in Arya Vaidya Chikitsalayam and Research Institute until 2016. The same year I arrived in Latvia and joined the new project with AVP Baltics SIA which is running clinical, academic and research activities all across Europe.

I am pleased to be offering our services in Luxembourg which are facilitated by “Ayurveda Luxembourg” (Well-being S.à.r.l.). Very warm welcome to all of you to start your healing journey.

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