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Herbal Medicine
 Initial Consultation
1 hr | €91

Ayurvedic consultation with me for 60 minutes includes additional interaction between practitioner and client. The aim is to understand and analyse the body constitution (Prakruthi), health problems (Vikruthi), history of issues, habits (stamya), diet and lifestyle. The Practitioner examines the pulse (naadi) and tongue (jihwa) to get deeper understanding. You will receive a detailed diet and lifestyle advice along with the herbal supplements, if necessary.

Initial Consultation

Natural Medicine
Follow Up Consultations
30 min | €64

Follow up secession will last around half an hour. It is mainly to understand any changes changes following the advice given during the first visit. Interaction and examinations will help to check the current state of health. Changes in advice about diet, lifestyle and herbs will be recommended according to the client’s Dosha condition and seasonal changes.

Follow Up


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