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About Ayurveda Luxembourg 

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Ayurveda Luxembourg is dedicated to provide authentic Ayurvedic knowledge and services. Ayurveda gives prime importance to prevention. Practicing Ayurvedic health care can help with health issues of the modern era. We started our initial activities by providing free seminars and lectures about basic lifestyle along with Ayurvedic consultations. We continue this educational activity by giving webinars. Social media pages like Facebook and Instagram welcome readers to read about Ayurveda and share their views.

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Ayurveda Luxemburg provides diet and lifestyle consultation on a monthly basis being attached with Well-being Sarl. Dr.Dinil has his regular visits in Luxembourg since 2019.We are now extending the activities in future by University level Ayurveda Education, Provision of regular Ayurvedic clinical services on regular basis , Pancha karma therapies,  Provision of Quality Ayurvedic and herbal products.

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